Fulton County

Lakeside Park


Was formerly called Dam Landing Park, contains a little over 10 acres of land. The park is located on the north side of Lake Manitou on State Road 25 (East 9th Street). The park was also part of the former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Hatcheries. All buildings have been removed and the fish hatchery basins have been filled in except for one basin. Within the park is Mill Creek, one of the outlets for Lake Manitou. In the early 1990's, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources reconstructed the dam and spillway as a flood control project. The site is flat, bisected by Mill Creek with a few trees. The Park Dept. in recent years has planted several trees around the park. Today, the park serves as a public access site for boating and fishing. The Park Department renovated the park added restroom facilities and improved the fishing and boating access ramp with the assistance of Indiana Waters Grant. The park has a shelter and butterfly garden with improvements in landscaping made each year.

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