Fulton County

Lakeview Park


Was part of the former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Hatcheries along State Road 25 (East 9th Street). The park, approximately 8 acres, which overlooks Lake Manitou to the south and Mill Creek Golf Course to the north, is undeveloped as a park. It Contains a few buildings and structures left over from fish hatcheries. These buildings are presently used as golf course maintenance and rental properties. This land was part of the overall purchase from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and has limited use for park and recreation. The "Pathway" runs the length of the park, a portion of this is next to the "Mill Race" which has been planted with wildflowers for all to enjoy. The Gerigh Round Barn was moved to the Park in 2001 and will be renovated by the Gerigh Round Barn Committee for future use as the Pro Shop for the Mill Creek Golf Course with a community room on the upper level.

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